Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I like to muse on religion but I will also include a few workplace antics (of my coworkers of course). I work as an IS Tech (Information Systems) so basically, it's my job to handle user complaints. This gives rise to interesting situations, inside and outside my department.
Well, we just recieved a new laptop yesterday for the telecom tech, a Latitude X300. DOA- dead out of the box. Reseat memory/modem-nic/wireless. It now comes up and I spend an hour or so loading it with all the standard stuff our company uses. Next thing I know the network admin has it at his desk testing out a wireless firewall. OK, I am a kind person, he can have it for a while. Well, I come in this morning and it is gone. Now this doesn't alarm me at first because standard practice is to lock up stray laptops in the network room at night to prevent them from walking off. But it isn't in the network room. Or in any of his drawers that are unlocked, or any of my drawers. That darn network administrator must have secreted it someplace! I'll have to talk to him when he gets in. The other possibility is that the telecom tech took it home half-loaded, but I doubt that.
In any case I just put up some links in the top right. The first link is the FFF, the "Fighting Fundamentalist Forums". Most times it is a matter of theological argument, sometimes it is a veritable frag-fest. Weak hearted brethren and sistren should probably restrict themselves to the fellowship forum. It is a fine place to discuss and gossip about the latest goings on in Independant Fundamental Baptist churches, and all the personalities and doctrines involved.
The second link is Antipas Ministries-End Times Network. Spend some time reading through the articles there. You will never see the US the same way again.
The third link is a commentary on the current bear market in the US. Bear? Yes. You will read ruminations from financial columnists on all things currently dangerous to the health and wealth of your investments.
Be back with more...

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