Monday, January 26, 2004

Monday morning. Snow and ice on the roads, all the school systems closed, the newspaper reporting a dnagerous mix of precipitation on the roads, thousands of traffic incidents last night, and guess what? My company's incliment weather hotline says "Come on in." GGRRRRRR.......
Apparently the storm has covered the US from Kansas to S. Carolina and up as far as the Great Lakes. It was my crazy fortune to be in New Bern, NC yesterday when the ice started coming down. The normal 2 1/2 hr drive back home took 8 whole hours because we had to crawl along at 20-30mph due to slippery/icy roads.
The AP story is at more from my hometown paper at
So I'll probably sit here reading more of the Secret Radio blog today because I doubt most of the people here are going to actually come in like I did. There will be no one to help today. Actually I have a laptop I can work on.

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