Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Mr. Network Administrator had it hidden in his desk. I finished loading the software but the telecom tech isn't even here today so Mr. Network Administrator gets to have it all day. Lucky him.
Over on another forum I am newly reading there are some drawn out postings discussing reincarnation. I don't understand how people can approach Christianity and not give any attention to the Bible. Reading the book of Hebrews chapter 9 will inform you that re-incarnation, as taught by some Eastern religions, is not a reality for the Christian. Praise the Lord my hope is not re-incarnation but resurrection. Who wants a second go in this world where human beings are predisposed to failure, struggle, sin, and decay?
There is also no real impetus for change if you keep getting second chances. If I don't get it right in this life, maybe the next. Other practical problems make the re-incarnation scenario a nightmare. I have no way of knowing whether circumstances in my next life will facilitate any further growth. Also, how will what I learned in one life help me in the next if I presently can't even remember my past life?

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