Friday, February 06, 2004

I HATE PROXY SERVERS! Still in FL, surfing at a library, which is using a proxy server. Thank goodness my library at home does not use a proxy server. A proxy server is a machine through which all web requests go- thus, the name proxy. On any one machine there can only be ~65K internet connections concurrent. So when you have a proxy server that is being used for an entire organization it gets bogged down, bad. I had the same thing happen when I worked at Gateway. They used a proxy server and internet access was a pain. There is no reason to use a proxy server anymore- you can set up a firewall to do content filtering and get much better performance. Much. The only use I have found for proxy servers is for mobile users to ensure they do not access the internet through another network... set up a proxy, then set the proxy on the laptop and lock down the settings. But that is the lone good use of a proxy I can think of. GRRRR....
Public internet access is annoying for another reason... people staring at you. GRRRRR.... Go away already, you know?
Of course time limits on these computers are a joke when their proxy server has bogged down to the point where internet access is all but impossible.
If you are on a public access computer and run into these types of problems, the refresh button is your friend. If a page never seems to load hit the refresh button which will resend the request to the proxy. Beware of this method, though, if you are on a secure site (https://).
Later! :)

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