Tuesday, February 24, 2004

This from "eyesopened" under the TBC(Texas Baptist College, Longview TX) forum at the FFF. (Mrs. Ayres is the staff accountant at the church(Longview Baptist Temple)):
It seems that I am so often wrong, and yet I do try to be right. It's just that there are so many rules I cannot remember them all. Internet bad - LBT site good. Theatres bad, hoop earrings bad, button front skirts bad, movie rentals bad, TV bad, Andy Griffith good, Carol Burnett bad, eye makeup bad, Contemp. Christian music, bad, Patch the Pirate some good some bad, golfing good, football good, The Baptist good, Sword of the Lord bad, musical rhythm bad, sliding when singing bad, stoically singing with elbow in the air good, Bill Burr good, David Gibb bad, Dennis Corle was good - now bad, give it alls good, not paying your bills bad, LCA good, homeschooling bad (unless you are missionary and dont have any other choice then you just do the best you can, but dont expect much), working all weekend on busroutes and your job good, falling asleep in church very bad, hard preaching good, mean spirit bad, talking unkindly to staff very bad, Mrs. Ayres talking unkindly to staff good, submissive wives good, following one's husband away from LBT bad, posting on FFF bad, lurking on FFF good, inviting Dr Gray to speak good, trying to buy the tickets yourself to save money bad, character good, fatigue bad, questioning the preacher bad, having an opinion bad, not subscribing to the Baptist bad, making decisions bad, getting all your direction from "Preacher" good, hating your brother bad, cheering the "Preacher" on while your brother gets ripped to shreds and humiliated very good, immodesty bad, men with no shirts on bad, boxing good, churches using worldly methods to draw a crowd very bad, having "Preacher" escorted to the platform by dark shade wearing teen boys while an auditorium full of people stand to their feet in a rousing ovation good.
Now we know how the religious leaders in Israel prior to Christ came up with the Talmud.

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