Friday, February 20, 2004

Time for some computer related blogging. I have been intrigued by the advance in UWB (Ultra-Wideband). This technology promises to get rid of your USB and Firewire(IEEE1394) cables. Sounds good, except:
1. What does this mean for Bluetooth devices? Bluetooth would appear to be UWB just simply having less bandwidth(speed). Bluetooth adoption has been a little slow, but progressing. We just switched from IR to Bluetooth, please don't make me move to UWB this quick. Oh well. I just read that already companies are dropping Bluetooth...
2. Does this mean I am going to have to use battery-powered mice? With no cable, devices will have to be plugged into power. People don't normally connect mice to their electrical outlets. I don't see how mice and keyboards and other bus-powered devices will ever move away from corded connectivity to the PC. Please don't ask me to use battery-powered keyboards and mice.
3. Another issue related to #2 is simply this, that UWB takes away functionality in the sense that today, you can buy devices that are totally powered by the USB or Firewire busses. This is great for laptops. I have a scanner that takes it's power from the USB bus. No plugs or adapters! I would hate to see UWB cause companies to stop making bus powered devices.

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