Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Well, my vacation has stretched out through the end of the week and I have made the decision to move. That's not why I took the vacation, but it is a decision made while on vacation. Got that? :)
For a while now I have been feeling like God has only allowed me just enough to get by (I almost cringe to say that because I am indeed grateful to Him). I wonder why things aren't happening. Over the last few months, maybe a year some things have been happening to suggest a move. Now I don't really want to move- or rather, I didn't want to move, but I do now. I like where I am and that's just fine with me. Perhaps God figured since I was so accepting of an average lifestyle He would just give me average blessings.
In any case I felt like God wasn't coming through for me. (How selfish, I know, but am I not His child?)
Well the idea of moving to a certain place was still coming at me but I resisted, I wanted some real sign, I guess. I wanted God to speak, but I had some things to learn about the Holy Spirit. I always wondered about the Holy Spirit.
In I Jhn 5:8 the Bible tells us of the 3 earthly witnesses for God: the Spirit, the water, and the Word. Well, that's the Holy Spirit, the church, and the Word incarnate, whose commands are recorded for us in Scripture.
I don't have any problem with the Word. I believe Jesus existed and the gospels are true; I believe the authenticity of the Scriptures.
I sort of have a problem with the church. I have seen the member's of God's church act anything other than Godly. But of course that is because they live deceitfully, not allowing God to work in them. So I don't really have a problem with the church.
But where is the Spirit? Isn't the Spirit supposed to tell us things? Is the communication of the Spirit a feeling, a thought, an emotion? A pang from the conscience?
So the Spirit makes no sense when defined in the traditional way as in "The Lord spoke to me...." because I certainly have not been hearing heavenly voices. The Scriptures say there is no more open vision.
The Spirit makes no sense when defined as, "I feel like the Lord wants me to..." because I feel like a lot of things, which are not Godly.
I have to go back to Philippians 2 which tells us: "for it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure." Who is God that worketh in us, and how? The Holy Spirit works within the Christian. So the Holy Spirit causes us to will what is right.
Jhn 16 tells us the Spirit is a guide, and He speaks not of Himself, but of those things which Jesus has said. Certainly given the fact that this is spoken to the Apostles then this saying is fulfilled in the completion of the NT.
But the Holy Spirit is sealed within all believers (Eph 1). So He is a guide to us as well, but we have the Scriptures. There is no more open revelation. He is a guide to us, revelatory only in the sense that He makes clear the things of God in Scripture.
The Holy Spirit fulfills His role as a teacher. The Holy Spirit also has the role of Sanctifier. The Holy Spirit may often prohibit by smiting us through our conscience. The Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness, and judgement. These things make up the witness of the Spirit. But He doesn't reveal God's will in the direct way that most Christians claim.
In Acts 16:7 the Spirit prohibited the Apostle Paul from going to Bithynia. Well, why didn't the Apostle Paul consult the Holy Spirit first? Because he understood that God expects us to use our wisdom and follow His commands in taking the opportunities afforded by His providence.
This is how to find God's will. If you know the scriptures, and have prayed to God for wisdom, take the open door confidently. If you don't have the faith to go through with an action, don't. It is sin to you.
I wasn't confident with this move for the longest time. So I didn't do it. But I think God wanted it. God in His time gave me the wisdom to see that my emotions were standing in the way of my taking the door that God in His providence had opened for me. It was the battle of fear. Fear to move forward. Fear to lose what I had.
Unless a Christian is sinning, he has nothing to fear. God won't let you take the wrong path, He has set his angels watch, and in His providential care will guide you. Fear not.

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