Friday, October 01, 2004

According to Hebrews 11, faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. As Christians, we have a hope of being with Christ one day. However, one of the reasons Christ came is to give us abundant joy here in this life as well (Jhn 15:11). Later in the chapter in verse 16, we are told that as we do His work, He will give us answers to our prayers.
Oftentimes, we look at circumstances and grow anxious and depressed. In short, we lose faith. We lose sight of the promises. We question whether He cares.
Jesus Christ suffered as a man, yet did not sin (Heb 4:15). This verse tells us he was touched with the same weaknesses and problems that we are. Jesus Christ can relate to what we are going through, and cares.
We are supposed to live by faith, not by sight (II Cor 5:7). It is obvious that circumstances are the things we see, and as we focus on the circumstances we see we are in fact take our focus away from God, the object of our faith. The evidence of this is when we come to the point of wondering where he is, or whether we cares- we have in essence forgot what it is like to look at God.
Sometimes the future is downright scary and you don't know what you can do... in these times you have to keep looking up to Him.
What does it mean to look up to God in faith as you go through life? First of all, it is realizing that Christ was a man once, and He understands. Then, it means regular prayer- casting all your care upon Him (I Pet 5:7), committing your problems to the Lord. We also have to remember that His ways are often unable to understood by us (Isa 55:9) but he is still working in us and for us (Phl 1:6).
He will give peace, and of course, provide for your need. In the meantime, you enjoy the view of the Lord instead of looking at your circumstances!

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