Friday, October 29, 2004

There are several truths that are not taken seriously by Christians. The first is, "Christ is all I need". The second is, "Not I, but Christ". The third is "Our power is in the cross of Christ". I have been going through very hard circumstances lately and these three statements are so true, not only in sense, but literally. These truths are to be taken extremely literally, they are more true than we'll ever know. They are more literal than you can imagine. If we fully grasped the truth of these statements we would be just like Him. The little "platitudes" I heard all my life weren't real until put to the test. Now they are real, but I am still being worked on by God who is forcing me to lean on Him so much harder than I ever dared before. His yoke is easy and His burden light but we never find this out until we trust Him. If God can't handle it, neither can we, yet a man will trust himself more than God?! This is a logical absurdity committed by us all when we doubt God.

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