Sunday, December 05, 2004

Postmodernism and IFBs

The pastor was out of town so we got to hear a speaker from a major Independent Fundamental Baptist Bible college tonight. I knew this man from before, since I used to go to the church he is in. I always knew he was smarter than average, so I was rather curious to hear what he had to say to us.
His message was on postmodernism. He did a tremendous job describing postmodernism, and even caused me to have a few questions about it. No doubt he did his homework. In addition, he used II Tim 4:1-5 as his text, which actually fit with his message. For any IFB preacher to be well-informed is miracle enough. To have an IFB preacher use verses at least somewhat within their proper exegetical context and understanding is an act of God.
Now, you think he would spend the application part of his message equipping the saints to respond to postmodern thought. Sadly, he did not really do that. He reaffirmed God's perfection, integrity, and eternality, but missed an awesome opportunity to get IFBs plugged into the world around them. Instead, his examples of the effects of postmodern thought were contemporary churches. Completely ignoring the fact that culture is inherently neutral, he proceeded to blast Jerry Falwell, "neo-evangelicals," and modern Bible versions.
So the "informed" IFB college graduate from his college comes out thinking that postmodernism is about rock music and new versions of the Bible, I guess. And then they'll get broadsided by the _truth_. Oh, the irony...
It got me thinking. IFBs spend alot of time figuring out those evil contemporary churches and how to deal with that. Of course this detracts from time and effort that could be used in learning how to relate to the lost. Unfortunately, there is a severe lack of articulation ability among IFBs, which makes most of our response to an intelligent, lost world little more than "Bible-thumping." We don't know about where they are coming from in any real detail because, by golly, we're separated.

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