Monday, March 21, 2005


I've noticed as Christian life progresses, you get to a point where there is a lot less direct leading and more providential stuff, that requires more faith to see. Often we talk about getting God's direct leading on something but God also works around us to achieve His will in our lives. I have been going through some of this, complaining about not recieving enough direct leading, but I have to have faith that God is working in my life all the time in ways I can't readily see. His providence is just as big a part in His will for us as His leading.
Now this doesn't mean you live your life based on circumstances. The point is not to fret about where God is when it seems He doesn't give any leading.
There comes a place where God, I think, wants us to begin to use the wisdom He has given us in making decisions. It is sort of like growing up. At first, your parents helped you do stuff. Then, they merely told you how to do it. Becoming more mature, they don't have to say anything because now you know (hopefully) what needs to be done, and how to do it, and how solve more complex problems that arise.
There is another aspect to this "weaning," if you will. Since God is more hands-off in much of our lives, this causes us to desire His presence more. The relationship goes from a "professional" relationship (God is directing and laboring with me) to a more "personal" relationship (God cares for and encourages me). Of course, there remain the elements of the "professional" relationship (we labor together with Christ) but our walk becomes more about who He is rather than what needs to be done for Him. This transformation is important because we will come to times in our lives where we are discouraged about what is or is not happening, but our relationship with God now transcends that.
Our obedience, instead of becoming secondary, takes on a deeper meaning as it finds a firmer foundation on the worshipful adoration of God that is now the greater aspect of our relationship with Him.

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