Sunday, August 14, 2005

Women and Leadership

The Bible seems to be clear, to me, that women can't be pastors. Also, the Bible says that women should keep silent in the church. I am not going to exposit the Scriptures but rather make a few observations on how it is possible that a more literal view of Scriptures on this topic makes sense.
(I ought to point out that whatever facts we present in support of the Scriptures do not constitute a basis of authority for the Scriptures. What has been truly spoken by God stands on its own, and not on our reasons. The Scriptures are authoritative because of who their Author is, not because we can or can't prove it.)
The common logical reason given, as to why women may not be pastors, is that they are too emotional to make sound decisions in a crisis moment. To the extent that this is true, it is a very good reason.
I say "to the extent" because many women in secular leadership can keep emotions out of the picture. If not I would personally think that there wouldn't be as many women in both secular and religious leadership today as there are. In any case I have seen these women and that leads me to the second logical reason which is that...
...Many women who are able to keep emotions out of the picture are, for lack of a better word, b----es. In the process of attempting to be efficient and make logical decisions and reach goals without emotional interference they over-compensate for their natural tendency (be it genetics or culture) and become jerks who often deal harshly, not only with others but themselves. This I have observed in the workplace.
The big challenge for female leadership is to not let emotion get in the way, while retaining enough of a heart to be understanding and caring about other colleagues who might seem to be in the way.
There is a third logical reason which I have observed among the defacto female leadership in IFB churches. (Oh, the stories I could tell!) While holding to a strict literal interpretation of Scripture, women in IFB churches often end up in leadership roles, especially in music or ladies' ministries. The influence of these women are typically constrained to other women by general direction of the pastoral staff. These women are totally "feminine" by nature of their religious conviction. However, they get "catty" with each other. That's about the best word for it. When a woman directs her displeasure toward a man, she's a b----. When she directs her displeasure toward another woman, she's catty. The catty women at church are no better than the b----y women at work. It's the same underlying spirit and attitude.
To sum up, woman are emotional. When they try to be efficient and unemotional it turns leadership into a cutthroat business, resulting her becoming b----y and/or catty. I imagine only a few women truly find the balance to become really good leaders.

Yeah men have problems too but that's for another day. :)


Jack Daniels said...

the male alternative for Bitchy is asshole.
If this is the primary support, then no one should be allowed in ministry.

David T. said...

It is true that men can be like that. However, from my observation, it is not the almost universal side effect of becoming a leader as it is with women.