Sunday, September 04, 2005

"Second-hand" girls?

Here's a portion of J. Vernon McGee's commentary on Rev 19:7-8:
"Young lady and young man, that is the reason in this day of 'new' morality that you should bring purity to your marriage. God have mercy on some of you fellows who are married to second-hand girls. Don't get them at the second-hand store; get them brand new. It is much better that way."

As I was helping my mom respond to someone on Baptist Brider error, I ran across this commentary and thought, what?? There is no grace in this at all. I will agree that it is best to keep pure until marriage. Even Paul says repeat marriages run risks with regard to the physical relationship. But- where is the grace for a girl who is now trying to do right? Should she be shunned now? No, not at all. I think Christ has plenty beyond what we dream of for those who have heart's desire to do right and "sin no more". If a man is pure and following Christ he will view a girl like this from Christ's point of view, and Christ may call Him to marry that girl and show her His love. That is how I feel, and if I thought this was what Christ wanted, I wouldn't have any problem with it, rather I would want to find out and help meet any special need she has.
Of course Mr. McGee doesn't turn it around and complain about "second-hand" guys. When it comes to sexual sin why do we put all the blame and responsibility on the woman? I mean, if she doesn't dress just right than that will make me go on a lustful mental rampage. Come on! As a man, I have to accept responsibility for my choices, such as whether I lust or not.

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