Sunday, September 25, 2005

Today's Joy

Happiness is a memory. Is it the result of reflection without the interruption of natural troubles surrounding the situation, and good old days just get better as our mind performs a natural purging of all those past troubles that never materially mattered anyway. How much better to trust God? Achievement of a continual present state of happiness is only possible through acceptance of the current situation, both in pros and cons, that produces more recent memories of happiness due to the fact that we are not allowing ourselves to over-focus on the negative aspects of our circumstance. This is also a very powerful and creative stance in that it puts us in control of our situation, rather than our fears.
I don't want to wait until 5 years out and look back on today, and the relationships of today, and suddenly discover the happiness that God meant for me to have all along. It's also not fair to those who care about me to do so. Can you see how God could be pouring the blessing yet we miss the joy because we can't trust God with our numerous small worries and fears? Why should God give us a blessing if we spoil it like that? So I will thank Him for today, and the situation He has placed me in, and the people He has given to be with me, whether that family, friends, or anyone else. More than that, I will accept what He sends my way because I know He loves me, and I will seek to enjoy life because to do anything else is to complain against Him.
I am not saying it is easy but He does deserve every last bit of our gratitude, and none of our complaints, though He more than graciously listens to those. I remember being given an alfalfa sandwich as a child once, and being very rude about it, making gagging sounds and all the rest. Yet this was provided in love to me. Even the alfalfa sandwiches of life deserve our gratitude.

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