Monday, October 17, 2005

Church Politics

Where there is a hierarchy, there is politics.

I was thinking about this because in a lot of churches, certain functions or jobs (volunteer, not staff) are limited to those selected by another volunteer leader who has backing from a higher leader. I am not talking about situations in which you have to gain trust- I am not advocating putting anyone quickly into whatever place of service they want. I am talking about situations where proven Christians can't break through into a certain area of ministry.

Where there is politics, there is at least one person with an agenda.

Hierarchial organizations may not be headed by those with an agenda but they are steered by them. Also to note that you may be progressing in a ministry that you would never suspect is under the influence of someone with an agenda and suddenly hit the wall and found out, that is the case. I am necessarily not talking about getting into leadership positions here.
Unfortunately most churches have handful of people, both volunteer and staff, that have decided how they want things and have the right connections and so there are agendas.

It's worse when the multi-layered leadership model (hierarchy) is implemented so strongly as to bind a leader from taking action on anything that is handled by a leader under him. This essentially means that there is no real grievance process.

My reaction to all this? I don't care. I'll volunteer in a few places and help some but I won't tie my sense of spiritual accomplishment or well-being to the function of the organization that I presently call church. God and I continue to work on me and I live my own life, and the organization called church is an auxiliary piece of that, that I include as something that God wants as a part of my life.

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