Friday, July 14, 2006

KJVO Issue: How important?


"I have found that this issue greatly affects their philosophy of missions. As I was reading over a doctrinal statement recently I saw the “1611 KJV only” statement at the bottom of the page. This led me to ask questions of the missionary, who by the way was a Bible Printer for foreign fields. So I began to ask him about how he could be a KJVO and print Bibles in other languages – not KJV. The discussion went on for a while until I asked him this question: “What do you tell the person in Romania when you give them their Bible that you believe is not God’s Word?” His reply was that their goal for missions would be to teach their mission field to speak English so they could use the KJV. I was speechless."
-Bob Nutzhorn

"When I was on deputation, I had phone conversations with several pastors who were of this line of thinking. They asked me, "What version do you use?" I explained that in English settings, I preach from the KJV (although I am not a KJVO), but in Spanish I preach from the Reina-Valera 1960 which was translated from the same Hebrew and Greek texts as the KJV (as I understand it). These pastors then proceeded to tell me, "No, you teach them English and preach from the KJV." I kindly said, "Pastor, you don't want me in your church then. Thanks for your time." Probably have me marked off as a heretic, but that's alright with me."
-Shawn Haynie

"I can remember asking my pastor about the issue years ago. Although he is a scholarly man, trained in the original languages, he did not offer a textual or theological answer. He told me a story. Once he attended a preachers fellowship that had two speakers. The first, he said, preached a marvelous message on the preeminence of Christ from Colossians. He said it was one of the most stirring messages about the Savior He had ever heard. The men in attendance, he said, sat stoicly, listening quietly. The second preacher brought a message on the King James Version, championing the KJV-only position and attacking all modern versions as being liberal assaults on the faith once delivered. The preachers at the conference were shouting "Amen," and even waiving handkerchiefs in their enthusiasm. My pastor then told me, "I decided right them that we had a problem. One man preaches on the glories of the Savior and men seem unresponsive; but when another man preaches on the Bible version debate there is a very energetic, enthusiastic response. There's something very wrong with this.""
-David A. Oliver

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This is interesting! Definately something to think about.