Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More Wit & Wisdom from Agatha Christie

From the title "Death Comes as the End":

"'Fear is only incomplete knowledge,' said Hori. 'When we know, Renisenb, then there will be no more fear.'"
-From Chapter 16

"'Nothing is unbelievable,' said Esa. 'That at least I have learned in the course of my life. Kait is a thoroughly stupid woman and I have always mistrusted stupid women. They are dangerous. They can see only their own immediate surroundings and only one thing at a time. Kait lives at the core of a small world which is herself and her children and Sobek as her children's father. It might occur to her quite simply that to remove Yahmose would be to enrich her children. [...] She would see only one simple thing- not various possibilities or probabilities, and since she did not want Sobek to die, it would never occur to her that he might come back unexpectedly.'
"'And now Sobek is dead and Yahmose is living! How terrible that must be for her if what you suggest is true.'
"'It is the kind of thing that happens to you when you are stupid,' said Esa. 'Things go entirely differently from the way you planned them.'"
-From Chapter 16

"There had been a time when Teti had looked so like Khay [her father], pushing out her underlip, turning her head sideways, that Renisenb's heart had turned over with pain and love. But now not only was Khay's face dim in Renisenb's memory, but Teti no longer had that trick of head-turning and pushing out her lip. There had been other moments when Renisenb had held Teti close to her, feeling the child still part of her own body, her own living flesh, with a passionate sense of ownership. 'She is mine, all mine,' she had said to herself.
"Now, watching her, Renisenb thought: 'She is me- and she is Khay....
"Then Teti looked up, and seeing her mother, she smiled. It was a grave friendly smile, with confidence in it and pleasure.
"Renisenb thought: 'No, she is not me and she is not Khay- she is herself. She is Teti. She is alone, as I am all alone. If there is love between us we shall be friends all our life- but if there is not love she will grow up and we shall be strangers. She is Teti and I am Renisenb.'"
-From Chapter 17

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