Friday, July 07, 2006

Throwing the Baby Out

From the Extreme Fundamental Makeover blog:

"...I pastor an independent Baptist church and I am a fundamentalist (though not hysteric). What has been sad to see over the years are those who have completely abandoned the faith because of their bad experiences in hysteric fundamentalism. Many have nothing to do with church today of any kind and are now raising families that are basically secular in essence. This is truly sad. Our responsibility as leaders and pastors is to help these people understand that there is life after militant fundamentalism and that there is a wonderful life of joy in the service of Jesus Christ. It also makes us wonder sometimes if they were ever truly regenerate or just the product of one of the many manufactured professions that fundamentalism produced in its hey days of mass numbers.
What I find troubling is the antithetical response that many have had towards the IFB movement when coming out. Many have thrown the baby out with the bath water. Sadly, we read of many who grew up in strong IFB circles now buying into everything the church growth movement teaches. Even more dangerous than that has been the new threat of the Emerging Church which is what I believe to be the ultra strong reaction towards hysteric fundamentalism. The Emergent Church has basically filtered down hysteric fundamentalism so much that when you are done, you have nothing more than a Jesus that cares nothing about your soul other than the fact that your soul has become happy and content with what made sense to you. We need to keep in mind folks that the fundamentalist movement had as its springboard combating against those who would have been very comfortable in the Emergent movement – theological liberals.
But what has become of this now??? Today we have many former IFBers who have completely done away with separation, propositional truth, evangelism, missions, and the local church altogether. Yes, they had legitimate concerns about a movement that started strong and has now been hijacked by the militants that have made culottes, the KJV, music styles, worship styles, tapered hair cuts, pants on women, cheap grace, and theological ineptness the benchmarks of their movement. This is sad but nevertheless not everything that fundamentalism stood for and still stands for today should be done away with.
We still have a biblical mandate to “earnestly content for the faith”. My prayer is that we do this with an emphasis on our inability and God’s grace to enable us to do this. Will we get back to a fundamentalism that reflects biblical Christianity more than militant hysteria? That is the question that we as young fundamentalists must answer."

Hmmm. Actually talking about the issues and inviting me to the table. Rather than labeling me a neo and telling me to leave.

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