Saturday, July 08, 2006

Unspoken Requests

I have to say that the prevalence of "unspoken" requests is, at it's core, a symptom of how today's churches are too large and disconnected to be families that truly care for each other and bear burdens.
On the one hand, it doesn't need to be everybody's business. One the other hand, I do need people to help me bear my burden and provide support, both practically and in prayer.Is there any point to submitting an unspoken? If you know a person truly cares about you then you can share the information. If you can't share the information with a particular person, does that person care enough to pray for you effectually? Is everyone just _pretending_ that everybody else cares by swapping "unspokens"?The fact is, beyond a certain level, only so many people can get in on the situation before it becomes a gossip item- people who know about the situation but don't truly care. This is probably one of the reasons that "big church," the "church-wide service," has seemed contrived to me for some time. Too many people don't have relationships with too many other people for me to honestly sit there and feel like we are accomplishing something together. But we're all focusing on the platform so it doesn't matter to most.
I don't think beyond a certain size, a group will have relationships with everyone else. It is at this point that a group meeting becomes more of a show of numbers or "let's all listen to the head pastor" than anything else.
Not that we should dismantle the main service. However, churches need to enourage small groups and/or Bible studies, IMO. This is a way the church can regain it's footing where it comes to interpersonal relationships and members truly caring for each other because they have gotten to know a circle of people that are friends they can rely on.
It doesn't always happen naturally.
So, like a said at the beginning, "unspoken" requests are a symptom of disconnectedness. I'll continue to send mine though, if nothing else as a rebuke to the facelessness of today's congregations.


Anonymous said...

I have often wonder about that too.If its a serious unspoken request or a very important matter that must be prayed over, the words "unspoken" seems to lessen the imporants or seriousness of it.It just gets thrown in and it doesn't seem like its prayed for from the heart.Maybe thats because they don't know the situation or understand its real importantness. And after they pray for it that one time its forgotten.If you know excatly what the prayer is about its prayed for more then one or twice in many cases.So really whats the point of an "unspoken"? I, too, will continue submitting mine but its something to think about.I'm glad you chose to blog on the subject.I like reading your blogs.And I hope your unspoken are answered soon!!!!!

David T. said...

Thanks for taking the time to read and to comment! Here's hoping your unspokens are answered as well!

Anonymous said...

No problem!You write some good stuff sometimes. I've been reading your blogs for awhile and I decided it was time to make some comments.And thanks...I apreciate that!