Monday, July 17, 2006

Wit & Wisdom from Agatha Christie

From the title "Peril at End House":

"'Providence,' I murmured.
"'Ah! mon ami, I would not put on the shoulders of the good God the burden of men's wrongdoing. You say that in your Sunday morning voice of thankfulness- without reflecting that what you are really saying is that le bon Dieu (the good Lord) has killed Miss Maggie Buckley!'
"'Really, Poirot!'
"'Really, my friend! But I will not sit back and say 'le bon Dieu has arranged everything, I will not interfere.' Because I am convinced that le bon Dieu created Hercule Poirot for the express purpose of interfering. It is my metier(work).'"
-Chapter 12, "Ellen"

""...But there you can't tell with women. It's darling-darling-darling-all the time-and 'damn you' would probably express it much better....'"
-Chapter 15, "Strange Behavior of Frederica"

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