Friday, June 15, 2007

Bible College Indoctrination

If a person is spiritually weak then they don't need to be at bible college. When we depend upon bible colleges to mass disciple our young people the bible colleges respond by shifting to a more indoctrinating and consequently shallow course of education.
The majority of Christian parents expect to "auto-disciple" their kids by ensuring their involvement in a church and Christian school. So then when that PREDICTABLY fails, they assume their child needs MORE of the same and pack them off for what most fundamentalist parents today insist on, the obligatory YEAR of Bible college.
When that fails, the parents finally admit their OWN FAILURE as they watch their young person fade to carnality.
Meanwhile, the kids whose parents ENSURED their discipleship don't get the advanced learning they deserve, and the spiritually weak who DO SUCCEED in the indoctrinating environment in many of today's fundy Bible colleges become prideful narrow-minded ideologues.

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