Friday, June 22, 2007


Written by "Christ Vestal":
I pray that you will read the Word of God and discover what it says for yourself. It is obvious that your only knowledge of the Bible is the few snippets you hear misquoted in your “three to thrive” attendance at a Baptist church. If you take a look-see, you will read that Jesus tells us to “Judge all things…,”“Test the spirits,” and that we will “judge angels.”(Since the “Dr.” Mutchler says that wherever the Bible says angel it means pastor I am merely taking this to its logical conclusion) The passage to which you mistakenly refer says that IF you judge, be prepared to be held to the same standard, and I am more than ready for that. The Bible says to be blameless. (...)
Is Jack Schaap blameless when in his book “Marriage: Divine Intimacy”(Published 2006 by Hyles publications), in chapter 3 claims that the Christian is the female in the salvation relationship and that when a Baptist partakes of Holy Communion he is having “Spiritual Intercourse (read sex) with God?” Or when – in the same chapter – he posits that when a wife lays back and accepts her husbands seed during sex, she is by that action telling Jesus Christ (the Second Person of the Trinity, Almighty God) that she wants to receive Him in like manner? Maybe, abc, you are in agreement with the venerable “Dr.” Schaap when – later in chapter 3 – he claims that in Psalm 119 when David uses the word “laid” it means that David physically lusts after God’s law, and that the word “stuck” means that David (under inspiration of the Holy Ghost) was so in love with the Words of God that he wanted to penetrate them?
I think that YOU need to stop relying on what a “man of God” says, and start reading the Word of God for yourself. God will speak to you clearly without being filtered through a self-styled preacher, a “man of God.” I pray that someday you will wake up and realize that the Bible says what it means, and it is no light thing to send people astray as a majority of the Baptist dogma does. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE GOD’S GRACE, and do not try to fit the Bible into your doctrine, fit your doctrine to the Bible. Remember, Scripture – not Jack Hyles, Mike Mutchler, First Baptist, or Grand View Baptist is the final authority.
I pray that God will bless you and your family and keep you safe there.

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