Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Get a Life

Do I seem to post and go on about the same stuff? Perhaps I am bitter or bored. Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps I am warped and broken. Broken truly, and going on like a broken record.
Are you broken? I am broken. We are broken. The healing tissue of necessity takes the shape of the wound and provides a scar for all to see.
What is it to be whole? What does it mean to be overcoming and well-adjusted? Is it a goal set, not to get us to that point, but close enough to that point to make us civil?

The more I speak the more I am not heard. The more ears I reach the more I have not reached.

The more I am heard the more I am not heeded. The mind may hold the heart captive but it can't change it.

Do I imagine that I will fix it all? No, I must be content to allow my catharsis to be just that. If, living in my own way and by the wisdom I have gained from God and man, I find peace and contentment and fulfillment, I will have obtained a prized place few others reach.

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