Friday, February 15, 2008

No Neutral Education

"...When a child’s education is merely defined as a place to teach math, reading, and writing, it seems that just about any school setting could meet the goal–public, private, or home. So much more is at stake here though. Education is the process by which values are taught, where social skills are picked up, where worldview is shaped, and where a child is given the opportunity to take his knowledge and fit it into a structure that is either God-centered or man-centered.

"Anyone who believes that public schools only teach the three Rs is being deceived. There is no such thing as a neutral education. How sad that so many parents think that Johnny and Jill are getting solid academic lessons and nothing else at ABC Elementary.

"...Deuteronomy 6 is as relevant today as it was then."

- Comment by "Kim" at this article

"...Too many public schooling parents are not intentionally and skillfully training their children to examine what they are taught and respond to it biblically. Too many Christian schooling parents are wrongly assuming that their children’s discipleship is covered simply because the child’s teachers pray in class and refer to Scripture in their class lessons. And likewise, too many home-schooling parents error in assuming that their children are followers of Christ simply because they show some kind of outward conformity to their safe Christian environment, without calling them to look deeply at the depths and seriousness of their sinfulness and their desperate need for a Savior. ..."

- Comment by "Zach P." from same article

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