Friday, February 15, 2008

Simplistic Answers to Real Problems

From "World From Our Window": (bold emphasis mine)

"Simplistic Answers to Real Problems - This is the kicker as far as I'm concerned. Our young people know what is wrong....but they do not know why certain things are wrong. When forced to defend their positions biblically, they simply have no choice but to wave the white flag to unbiblical and secular worldviews. This is where the anti-intellectualism of hysteric fundamentalism has been incredibly detrimental. Believing the Bible does not equate to ignorance or cultural stupidity. We can engage culture on ANY issue because we do believe in objective and propositional truth. Instead of teaching that sex outside of marriage is wrong because "preacher said so" let's be sure that we can actually exegete Scripturally why we believe that. This goes for all of the other subjects and issues that we should be engaging in as followers of Christ - things like abortion, marrying the unregenerate, marrying the lukewarm, pornography, homosexuality, lying, drunkenness, or facing real temptations in real life. The answers to these questions is not simply "go to church more", or "have a better quiet time" or "memorize more verses". All of those things are wonderful but it goes much deeper than that. Young people and adults alike must be able to articulate biblical truth to real life and not just have a church mindset for Sunday but also realize that they represent Jesus Christ 24 hours a day 7 days a week."

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