Wednesday, February 20, 2008

To Fundamentalist Parents Everywhere

This can't be true Christianity. It can't be.
They try to change the heart through law. They turn the screws, and keep turning. They pressure and push. They use force. They draw a line in the sand and ask everyone to choose sides. They scout around for anyone who might be willing to join them in putting on additional pressure. They go to the point of destruction in order to impose what they think is right.
They want to change the outward by conforming the outward. Their "principles" do not allow them to let go of the outward situation long enough to cultivate a heart connection that would get them what they want.
Outward change comes from inward growth, and inward growth comes from a maturing soul and spirit. Don't complain about a lack of maturity when you have sought outward change by means of force. Shepherding is the spiritual activity whereby a more mature believer befriends and guides other believers to seek the Lord. This you should have done.
Our knowledge will not be perfect until "that perfect is come." Your convictions in this situation should be under the rule of Christ. As such, you missed an opportunity for your own growth when you passed on the opportunity to shepherd us.
Prayer is the first resort no matter how obvious the situation. Not only did we need your shepherding instead of your force, we needed your prayer instead of your force. You apparently only dared to shake the gates of heaven when the situation got completely out of your hands.
Weep with them that weep, and rejoice with them that rejoice. If one member suffer, all suffer with it. We are members of one body. Can the hand say to the foot, I have no need of you? But those members which we consider to be less, we dress them with greater adornment. We should have the same care one for another. If you have something against your brother, lay down your gift and be reconciled. We are part of the church too.
You might have gotten what you wanted now had you not used force all along. Your comprehensive, unrelenting, unmerciful, and aggressive opposition gave us something to protect and fight for.
I wish to God I had arrived at this point in my life by means of your shepherding, rather than your opposition.

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