Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Answer to Developing Artifical Intelligence

As you may know, many websites now require you to look at an image of a distorted word, or CAPTCHA, and enter what the word is, to verify you aren't a machine. The point is to create a challenge that a human can solve, but not a computer.
However, the spammers and scammers of the Net appear to be cracking even this! See this article for an example, and this page.
One of the solutions mentioned in the Escape from CAPTCHA presentation is the use of logic tests. Such as, here are three animals, and you have to pick the one that is a fish.
However, greed knows no boundaries. Spammers and slimy marketers are cracking CAPTCHA. If the Net moves from CAPTCHA to logic tests, it will be no more than a decade or two before these slimebags develop full-fledged human-level AI in the pursuit of riches. I really believe that.
The only question is when sites will move from CAPTCHA to logic tests- or even if. CAPTCHA will be fully broken in another 5 years at most. Three years later, sites will have moved to something different. If it is logic tests, and we give the spammers 20 years to overcome the increasingly difficult logic tests that will be put out to combat their advances, we are looking at the development of human-level AI by 2036.
I can't wait!

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