Sunday, April 06, 2008

Good Churches

You may read my blog and wonder, "he seems really down on churches, especially independent Baptist churches." Well, now is the time to discredit that notion. While I struggle with what church is supposed to mean to me as regards my relationship with God, I want to list three churches I have been to that I am impressed with. All have solid expositional teaching, and incidentally, none are connected with First Baptist of Hammond. Just thought I would throw that in there. Oh, and this is a shocker, all of them use the KJV and TWO of them are KJVO & IFB! Yeah I know, that's trippin', right?! They all have websites. They all are very conservative smaller churches. If I were near any of these churches I would go to them in a heartbeat.
I have been to many other churches, some good, some important to me personally, some bad, some REALLY bad, but these stand out for me in general.

Church #1, my present church,

Faith Community Bible Church

A conservative baptistic church that has early services and uses the KJV as the main translation- that is a tall order in San Diego, CA. FCBC fits the bill, however. Like all the churches on this list, solid expositional preaching is what you'll get. Sunday morning is preaching service only, Sunday night is more of a teaching time, and Wed night is devotion and prayer. The people here seem to manifest the fruits the Spirit, and they seem to exhibit an attentiveness to doctrine, not just in creed but also in understanding from the Scriptures themselves.

Church #2, my previous church,

Cornerstone Baptist Church
Finding conservative, expositional preaching the St. Louis area is nearly impossible, but the pastor here does a great job of it- his commitment to the Scriptures and his education make for some really edifying teaching. The music is excellent, and the people have a Christian spirit.

Church #3

Peoples Baptist Church
Pastor Wetherington has a passion for solid Bible teaching and it really shows. Not only does he bring forth the Word but he does so with passion- not a Billy Sunday theatrics passion, but a heartfelt passion that challenges you personally. In addition, the schedule of church functions made it really easy to fellowship with everyone there. I'm still kicking myself for leaving. :)

So there you have it. Three churches I am actually fond of. You see, KJVO and dress and music really isn't the issue for me, although I could be considered "liberal" by some on those matters. When the Word is preached thoroughly and accurately, and when the people manifest the fruit of the Spirit, and when evangelism is truly balanced with discipleship, that's priceless. Hell, I'll read along in the Greek if that's what such a church is using.


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