Thursday, August 07, 2008

Accessing the Hidden Service Menus on your Cell Phone

Your cell phone has a hidden service menu that will allow you to perform tests, modify what types of networks to connect to, setup the GPS, and other advanced functions your cell phone company doesn't want you to see! For many LG phones, the code is ##programXXXX where XXXX is the model number- so for my LG VX5300 it is ##77647265300 then SEND then the passcode which is 00000 for Verizon.
What about your phone? A handy pdf provided by the Digital Antenna company covers them all from the iPhone to the Moto KRZR. This document is designed to help you find out your signal strength and in doing so gives you the codes to the advanced menus.
This info may also help you get out of your cell phone contract- by forcing your phone to always roam. Few cell phone plans charge roaming anymore but the cell phone company still incurs charges. By setting your phone to always roam and use networks other than your home network, you quickly rack up costs for your cell phone company, which after a while will terminate your contract because of it.

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