Friday, August 08, 2008

Fry's and Air Conditioners

If you live in a major California city, you know about Fry's Electronics. Recently I was shopping for a casement window A/C and happened to notice an 8000 BTU unit for $299. This is actually a good deal for a casement window unit. Next to it was a 10000 BTU unit for $399. Now, I had just been all over the internet trying to figure out air conditioners and what was on the market and recommended, but I couldn't remember if 8000 BTUs was enough. I thought to myself, surely they have a BTU/square foot chart to jog my memory.
Well, they did. However, the numbers didn't look right. The BTU ratings seemed high for the square footage. Immediately skeptical, I walked out of the store, planning to get online again and check the numbers.
When I checked, my suspicions were confirmed. The Fry's chart underrates by about 100 sq ft- just enough to make you buy a level higher than you really need. Slick!
I went back to Fry's for the $299 8000 BTU unit, and am sitting in comfort as I type!

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