Monday, August 04, 2008

Impossible to Live without Credit?

Our economy is rigged so that is it almost impossible to live without credit, unless you are starting life with a big pile of $$$ (read "wealthy family").
I am 30 and have no debt except for a car payment. I am the sole breadwinner for my wife and I. After bills and food and gas is there enough to save? Maybe $40 a payday, but that goes to incidentals.
Now I suppose I could make a lot more money if I had a degree. Guess what that would do to me? Put me in debt! 20-30 years of payments. I more than likely would be as tight as I am now.
It makes sense to me why people take on student loans and get deep in credit card debt. It is the easy way to comfortable living. But it is a juggling act of minimum payments with no end in sight.
To balance all this out, I have a God who provides for me. While it is wise to save, He understands our situation and will provide as necessary. I just hate the fact that debt seems so completely necessary in our society.

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