Thursday, September 04, 2008

Computer Vocabulary Rant

I work in tech support. A pet peeve of mine is when people get "downloading" and "installing" mixed up. For example, they say they have "downloaded" the program to their computer when really the have "installed" the program from the CD.
To "download" means to transfer a file to your computer over the network.
To "install" means to setup a program on your computer.
Installing a program from CD involves no downloading.
Now you can download a program and install it- you can install a program you downloaded. These are separate things, however.
In case you are wondering, "upload" means to transfer a file FROM your computer to someplace else on the network.

Another big one is "memory" and "hard disk space." "Memory" should not be used when referring to the amount of space on your hard drive. "Memory" refers to the amount of RAM installed on your computer, the space that is used to hold running programs. "Hard Disk space" is space on your hard drive that holds program files and other files whether or not they are being used.

The "computer" is not the screen you look at. The "computer" is the part that you put CDs in.

There- now I feel better!

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