Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Debate and Legitimizing Evil Leaders

I watched the debate and wondered as McCain, over and over again, claimed that talking to Iran or N. Korea meant legitimizing those leaders.
He obviously doesn't respect national sovereignty. He keeps saying "no timetable" when the prime minister of Iraq said they wanted a timetable. Let Iraq be in control of Iraq.
The same with Iran and N. Korea. The leaders of these countries are legitimate in their own right. They were brought to power by the internal sovereign processes of their independent sovereign countries. They are legitimate leaders on the world stage because of this fact. We have no right to question whether they should be leaders unless we are a part the country they are in. Or perhaps in the case of genocide.
Unfortunately, boneheaded Republicans and other red-state types "can't understand" (to borrow one of McCain's refrains) anything outside of their own personal absolutes. Such things as "context," "relative," and even "unity in diversity" are rank heresy-isms. This insistence on judging everything by a personal absolute standard without regard to relative context is arrogance and a tendency I have also dealt with among hard-right Christian fundamentalists. It's an attitude I want nothing to do with.

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