Thursday, October 30, 2008

Churches and Homosexuality

Just a thought....

With so many churches up in arms about "gay rights" it's important to put a little blame where it's due.

Oftentimes supporters of gay marriage will point to the "serial monogamy" of Christian conservatives who have divorced and remarried, or outright cheated and left their spouse.

It's a valid point. Churches are willing to bring out the guns on homosexuals when they have looked the other way on heterosexual divorce and adultery for decades. Where is the vaunted "respect for marriage?"

Only once have I seen a church member formally disciplined for adultery. Why?

Most pastors these days eschew full, Biblical church discipline for pragmatic reasons, and they have their excuses. Ministries must be allowed to grow without dragging out people's dirt and risking a church split. Many of these are the same pastors who hypocritically stand against the church growth movement and CCM on the grounds of faithfulness and holiness and separation.

However it is seen there truly is no separation. Most churches are found to have little to no standing when it comes to speaking out against homosexuality and gay marriage.

Yes, when I say church discipline, I talking about being willing to bring it to the church. I am talking about bringing it to the congregation. If God's Word is being clearly violated, who are you worried about offending? And if they be offended, they are like those who did not understand what it meant when Christ said to "eat my flesh" and "drink my blood."

Some pastors won't do full church discipline because their case against a church member would not stand scrutiny, but they want to run them off anyway.

Why should I should I allow my holiness to be judged of those men who won't judge the unholiness in their own congregations? And I am justified in counting their convictions as worthless since convenience obviously ends up winning the day for them.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still Searching for That Job

OK, I have a computer tech career related rant.

What's more difficult?
1) Fixing someone's computer yourself.
2) Talking an average Joe through fixing the computer over the phone.

Obviously, the answer is number 2.

So why can't I find a desktop support job? I have been searching for a desktop support job for FIVE YEARS. I have done mostly help desk and tech support, but I have done field work professionally and a lot of field work outside the job.

I have walked people through reinstalling Windows, replacing motherboards, reconfiguring Outlook, installing new hardware, updating drivers, flashing the BIOS, you name it.

I am evidently not qualified for desktop support though. There, evidently, is always some hotshot who looks better on paper. I don't know. I decided to forgo the $40K student loan so I don't have a 4-year degree. Maybe THAT'S the problem. Get an associate's degree you say? I am currently sitting across the isle from a technical college grad with a 2-year degree who is making $4/hr less than me and can't find anything else either.

So I guess I am waiting for a company that will judge me by my skills and personality and overall experience more than paper credentials.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

YouTube Uploading and Flash 10

Currently, uploading videos to YouTube on Windows does not work properly with the new Flash v.10. The specific issue is that the Browse button doesn't work. I haven't seen any confirmation from YouTube but downgrading to Flash v.9 does the trick. Here's how:
1. Go into the Control Panel
2. Go into Add/Remove Programs (XP) or Programs & Features OR Uninstall a program (Vista).
3. Uninstall the Adobe Flash Plugin if you want to downgrade Flash on Firefox or uninstall the Adobe Flash ActiveX if you want to downgrade on IE.
4. Install Flash v.9r124 ActiveX for IE or Plugin for Firefox.

You can test your flash plugin and see what version is loaded here.

PS: You can also, instead of downgrading to Flash 9, try using the beta uploader:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sage Advice from CNN

Living paycheck to paycheck like me and need help?
CNN says, those two fast food meals a week ($10) have to go and you should telecommute. If that doesn't work, make more money.
Really. That is the whole of their solution.

Evidently someone had to dash out something by a deadline.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Long Way to Go

Have you ever heard of the Dow/Gold Ratio? You should definitely get acquainted with it. Visit this site and look at the long term chart, and let it sink in.

You will notice that economic downturns never reverse until the Dow/Gold ratio is around 2 or less.

Right now, this second, the DGR stands at 9.4. (DJIA from CNNMoney and Gold Price from

We have a long way to go people. A DGR around 2 or less indicates a market that has cleaned out excesses. It is very possible the bottom will look like either Gold-2.5k/Dow-5k or Gold-1.5k/Dow-3k before this is over. Enough government intervention and we could see Gold-3k/Dow-3k, perhaps.

Hold on tight and pray!

Living on Less

During some downtime today I came across a CNN iReport about people living on less these days due to the economy.
I can certainly relate to these stories. Although my only debt is a car payment, I still have to cut a lot of things to survive.

We haven't been to a movie in 3 months.
We don't eat out, except for maybe a fast food meal each payday.
The only places I drive are work, church, the grocery store, and one trip each payday to a friend's soccer game.
I have had to ask a family member to split the monthly cell phone bill with me. (I have no landline.)
Our TV is whatever we can pick up with the rabbit ears.
I have downgraded my cable internet service to 1.5Mbps.
My car needs new shocks, new tires, and the AC needs to be repaired, but I absolutely can't afford to do any of it.
My wife wouldn't have the maternity clothes she needs were it not for friends at church. I am very thankful for their support.

It is times like these that you just simply have to trust in God. At least I have a job, we can make the bills, and we have decent health insurance! Although the health insurance is expensive at the small company I work for- my premium pretty much eats $2/hr of my wages.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Six Signs that Your Company is Going Under

(With thanks to this Cracked article)

1. Sudden, company-wide, "all hands" meetings
2. Exodus of executives
3. Positions changed to include extra responsibility, especially to cover people who left
4. Getting a "raise" in the form of stock options instead of money
5. Visits from off-site lawyers, accounts, auditors
6. New rules clamping down hard on use of routine company resources such as office supplies and color printouts

All so true.