Thursday, October 30, 2008

Churches and Homosexuality

Just a thought....

With so many churches up in arms about "gay rights" it's important to put a little blame where it's due.

Oftentimes supporters of gay marriage will point to the "serial monogamy" of Christian conservatives who have divorced and remarried, or outright cheated and left their spouse.

It's a valid point. Churches are willing to bring out the guns on homosexuals when they have looked the other way on heterosexual divorce and adultery for decades. Where is the vaunted "respect for marriage?"

Only once have I seen a church member formally disciplined for adultery. Why?

Most pastors these days eschew full, Biblical church discipline for pragmatic reasons, and they have their excuses. Ministries must be allowed to grow without dragging out people's dirt and risking a church split. Many of these are the same pastors who hypocritically stand against the church growth movement and CCM on the grounds of faithfulness and holiness and separation.

However it is seen there truly is no separation. Most churches are found to have little to no standing when it comes to speaking out against homosexuality and gay marriage.

Yes, when I say church discipline, I talking about being willing to bring it to the church. I am talking about bringing it to the congregation. If God's Word is being clearly violated, who are you worried about offending? And if they be offended, they are like those who did not understand what it meant when Christ said to "eat my flesh" and "drink my blood."

Some pastors won't do full church discipline because their case against a church member would not stand scrutiny, but they want to run them off anyway.

Why should I should I allow my holiness to be judged of those men who won't judge the unholiness in their own congregations? And I am justified in counting their convictions as worthless since convenience obviously ends up winning the day for them.

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