Thursday, October 09, 2008

Living on Less

During some downtime today I came across a CNN iReport about people living on less these days due to the economy.
I can certainly relate to these stories. Although my only debt is a car payment, I still have to cut a lot of things to survive.

We haven't been to a movie in 3 months.
We don't eat out, except for maybe a fast food meal each payday.
The only places I drive are work, church, the grocery store, and one trip each payday to a friend's soccer game.
I have had to ask a family member to split the monthly cell phone bill with me. (I have no landline.)
Our TV is whatever we can pick up with the rabbit ears.
I have downgraded my cable internet service to 1.5Mbps.
My car needs new shocks, new tires, and the AC needs to be repaired, but I absolutely can't afford to do any of it.
My wife wouldn't have the maternity clothes she needs were it not for friends at church. I am very thankful for their support.

It is times like these that you just simply have to trust in God. At least I have a job, we can make the bills, and we have decent health insurance! Although the health insurance is expensive at the small company I work for- my premium pretty much eats $2/hr of my wages.

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