Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still Searching for That Job

OK, I have a computer tech career related rant.

What's more difficult?
1) Fixing someone's computer yourself.
2) Talking an average Joe through fixing the computer over the phone.

Obviously, the answer is number 2.

So why can't I find a desktop support job? I have been searching for a desktop support job for FIVE YEARS. I have done mostly help desk and tech support, but I have done field work professionally and a lot of field work outside the job.

I have walked people through reinstalling Windows, replacing motherboards, reconfiguring Outlook, installing new hardware, updating drivers, flashing the BIOS, you name it.

I am evidently not qualified for desktop support though. There, evidently, is always some hotshot who looks better on paper. I don't know. I decided to forgo the $40K student loan so I don't have a 4-year degree. Maybe THAT'S the problem. Get an associate's degree you say? I am currently sitting across the isle from a technical college grad with a 2-year degree who is making $4/hr less than me and can't find anything else either.

So I guess I am waiting for a company that will judge me by my skills and personality and overall experience more than paper credentials.

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