Tuesday, October 21, 2008

YouTube Uploading and Flash 10

Currently, uploading videos to YouTube on Windows does not work properly with the new Flash v.10. The specific issue is that the Browse button doesn't work. I haven't seen any confirmation from YouTube but downgrading to Flash v.9 does the trick. Here's how:
1. Go into the Control Panel
2. Go into Add/Remove Programs (XP) or Programs & Features OR Uninstall a program (Vista).
3. Uninstall the Adobe Flash Plugin if you want to downgrade Flash on Firefox or uninstall the Adobe Flash ActiveX if you want to downgrade on IE.
4. Install Flash v.9r124 ActiveX for IE or Plugin for Firefox.

You can test your flash plugin and see what version is loaded here.

PS: You can also, instead of downgrading to Flash 9, try using the beta uploader:

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