Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Ten Commandments of Calling Tech Support

1. Avoid calling on Monday.
2. Try to call in the morning.
3. If you call on a Monday or any evening (after 4PM pacific), be prepared to wait on hold a while.
4. Do not call if it's 30 mins or less before they close.
5. If you are emailing tech support and they ask you to call, then call.
6. Be prepared that you MAY have to spend an hour or more on the phone working with the technician.
7. Be in front of your computer, have it turned on, and be connected to the internet if at all possible.
8. We are going to ask for your name. And your phone number, maybe two. And your email, and probably your address. And maybe the serial number off your product. Even if you have given us the info before, it may be in a different system, or the previous guy didn't input it, or we are required to ask for it or confirm it regardless of the circumstances.
9. Don't call if you are upset, angry, frustrated, impatient, irritated, etc. whether it's about the product even just life in general. Go cool down and relax then pick up the phone and dial.
10. We have no idea on the status of your rebates, or how to get them. We don't know where your free gift is, or what that extra charge is for, or why you didn't get 10% off. We are not the ones to talk to about how you have suffered and want compensation or reimbursement for loss of use, loss of time, lemon laws, shipping charges, or incidental damages to your property or business. We also can't authorize refunds or outright replacements. That is the job of our customer service group. Call them and PLEASE leave these topics out of the discussion with us in tech support.

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