Sunday, November 02, 2008

Time to Shock You least my religious friends out there.

I don't want my church to be a ministry, I want it to be a fellowship of believers engaged in helping one another.

I don't believe in invitations.

I don't believe in mandatory tithing.

I believe in equal-elder rule.

I believe in formal church discipline.

I read material from John MacArthur, James White, and Tony Campolo.

...but I am not a Calvinist.

I don't want to identify with any denomination.

I believe in the priesthood of every believer.

I am not KJV Only.

I like the NRSV.

I insist on expository preaching instead of topical preaching.

Women in the pulpit are not a problem, women elders/pastors are.

I think God is OK with rock music.

My favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I think God is OK with women wearing pants.

I think it's OK to skip church for a special event or family time once in a while.

I like to go to church with no tie, my shirt hanging out, and casual shoes.

To me, prayer is a continual conversation rather than a daily appointment.

I think there's room for Christians to disagree on abortion, even though I am against it.

I plan to vote for Obama.

I like to go to the movies (although I haven't been able to afford it).

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Luke said...

not a bad list. I like it (all except the Red Hot Chili Peppers).