Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Customer from Last Christmas Eve

So I am fuming about a customer from a year ago, today.

This customer took a job at a flight school as a Certified Flight Instrument Instructor to begin Jan 1, 2008. As a prerequisite, the flight school required him to complete the Garmin G1000 course by that time.
He had the software since at least before November, when he called to ask if he could install it on another computer. Come the last two weeks of the year and this guy realizes he can't access the last half of the course. The flight school gave him a kit with a code that only unlocks the first half of the course, but did not inform him of it, possibly because they were ignorant of that fact.
The customer emails customer service three days before Christmas. This was the correct action to take, because only customer service can dispense new codes.
Fast forward to the 24th. Our closing time in tech support was 6PM at that time. We were let go early at 2:30P or so because it was Christmas Eve.
This guy calls tech support at a little after 3PM on Christmas Eve and while on hold sends tech support an email saying he is on hold and that customer service "couldn't resolve it" for him. More than likely, the customer didn't like the solution customer service offered, which involved a $100 upgrade to unlock the last half of the course. Because when we called him back after Christmas, he didn't need our help any longer, obviously either biting the bullet and paying the $$ or convincing customer service to give him a free upgrade.
In the meantime he makes several bitter complaints, including one about us not picking up the phone and being on hold on Christmas Eve.
So guess what? This Christmas Eve (2008) the entire rest of the IT department heads out early but we stay here.
All because of a guy who waited until the last minute to complete his course, refused the solution from customer service, and then had the grinchiness to complain when we left early on Christmas Eve even though we couldn't have helped him even if we were there.
If, by some insane stroke of chance, you are that customer and you found my blog, Merry Christmas.

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