Monday, January 26, 2009

The Fugate/Schaap KJV Controversy

So my wife heard from her sister that Jeff Fugate (Clays Mill Road Baptist Church) is separating from Jack Schaap (First Baptist Church of Hammond) because Schaap doesn't believe the KJV is the inspired word of God.
Wow that's big news. It made me realize how irrelevant the IFB crowd is to me and how well removed I am from even the news of their shenanigans. I am very thankful for that!!!
I was going to a moderate fundamentalist site called SharperIron were I might have heard a little about it but I stopped going there months ago.
I searched around online and figured out what's going on. But first, let's use some common sense. The KJV is not inspired. The originals were inspired. Most people who are KJVO believe that the inspired character of the originals exists in KJV because of divine preservation, as they have traced it up through the MT/TR. So they can say that the KJV is the inspired word of God, but not that the KJV is itself inspired. This happens to be exactly what Schaap said, so Schaap's take on this should alarm nobody who is KJVO, unless they happen to be a Ruckmanite.
The fact that anyone in non-Ruckman IFB circles has a problem with this, exposes a massive level of ignorance. To see a major figure (at least in IFBx land) like Fugate get up in arms about it, and even go so far as to devote an issue of his "Church Bus News" to it, is absolutely astonishing. The IFB movement is on a sure, steady track to decimation and utter irrelevance. I have said that within a generation, KJVOism will go the way of the dodo bird, and it is happening right before our eyes, and part of the fault lies with "defenders" of the KJV like Jeff Fugate.
At least Tom Neal and Mark Turner had something real to complain about as concerns Schaap's equating the Lord's Supper with sex. (I looked up Mark Turner and he evidently resigned from his pastorate of Foothills Baptist Church in Moreno Valley, CA a while back). Fugate also cited this issue as another reason he is separating from Schaap.
Some of the more cynical commenters out there see this as a case of sour grapes on the part of men who thought they should have succeeded Jack Hyles, and now they have something they can try and bring down Schaap for. I believe this could be a part of things.
Fugate may be a good man personally, but his own understanding of doctrine, theology, and the Bible suffers from the same malady as everyone else is IFBx land- too much philosophizing, topical preaching, anti-intellectualism, pragmatism, etc.
Anyone who separates from Schaap because of this is shaming themselves and their ministries by displaying their complete ignorance. It will be interesting to see the fallout.

P.S. My wife's mother is friends with one of the people who proofread each issue of Fugate's Church Bus News. I am assuming they are all taking Fugate's side. I don't know and I don't care except out of curiosity. My wife and I are safely removed from those circles now. The old Hyles crowd has been on the verge of splitting down the middle for a while now, with some feeling that under the Schaap administration, Hammond is a little too "liberal" for their tastes! (Go ahead, stop and clean up the coffee that just shot out of your nose!) These people have tended to trend towards figures like Jeff Fugate and Eric Capaci, so this could be the battle that finally "splits the convention," if you will. No word yet on where Capaci stands in this KJV dust up.


Damien said...

I absolutely agree, bro! When you're in the movement, you're led to believe that only you and your pals can evangelize the world. Now I see how irrelevant it really is and its a shame they get caught up in these petty issues. The only think salvageable is the fact that there are still many sincere Christians who love God caught up in that movement. They need our prayers!

Anonymous said...

David, I don't keep up with the buzz but someone mentioned the "controversy" which is usually a lot to do about nothing. ANYWAY, when I googled it, what did I find? David Thatcher. WOW, great to hear you're alive and well.

Chris Brown, pastor

David T. said...

Yeah, totally alive and well in San Diego! I guess I am one of just a few websites to "cover" this so Google pushed me to the top.
Hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

What do you believe and what do you stand for. Liberals believe that if you don't agree with them than you are an idiot. Bro. Fugate never said that and never has. I've known him since I was in the fourth grade and there is not a better Christian I know. I don't go to his church either. Don't call ignorant those you don't know. At least he stands for what he believs and will not budge. I have more respect for that kind of person than one who stands for nothing and goes with the flow.

David T. said...

Hey Phil- thanks for commenting.
I am not KJVO so this whole thing isn't even my fight. As I mentioned in my post, Fugate seems to be a good man. But good men can also be ignorant in ways. I have merely judged him by the his own words and actions.
Peter Ruckman also stands for something, I suppose.

Jeri said...

Fugate a godly man? The while crowd of them are up to their eyeballs in the grossest corruption imaginable: pedophilia, pornography, adultery and fornication. If they don't do it, they still hide the sins of those who do. they build their fake religious wars over fake religious issues.

David T. said...

Jeri, I am aware of many of these accusations. Unfortunately, it puts the people it should be convincing on the defensive.

Michael said...

I'm not sure how old the posts are, but if the original manuscripts were the only inspired words...then no bible is inspired.


David T. said...

You said, "then no bible is inspired."

I think you meant, "no translation is inspired." You would be right.

When you say "the bible" you set the stage for all sorts of confusion. Do you mean your preferred translation? Or do you mean it in the general sense of the canon of scripture?

What use would a word-for-word replica of the original be, without the Holy Spirit? Without Him, the best translation is worthless. Jesus sent the promised Teacher, and it's not the KJV.