Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On the Effect of Economic Stress on Families

Filing for bankruptcy is better than losing your marriage.
Stop worrying if you can send your kids to college. College is obscenely overpriced. Your kids can join the military and get the GI Bill if they want to go and you can’t help them.
As the material things slip further out of reach we are being focused back on our families and communities. This is a good thing, and it will give rise to new era of civic unity and stability IN THE LONG RUN, as opposed to the culture wars and overweening individualism that have characterized our society for the last 30 years. This crisis (which has yet to run its course, economically, socially or politically) will end once our country draws together, truly together, and puts solidarity over ideology.
Part of this means the republican/conservative every-man-for-himself mantra is going to have to be thoroughly discredited in the eyes of the American populace. It will happen, either when America wakes up(not holding my breath), or things get so bad that few can stand alone anymore.
Oh and back on the subject of college. On the far side of this crisis, I do not believe making a head-of-household wage will require $40,000+ worth of college debt any longer. That’s just a taste of how much change is coming.

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