Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Please Buy a Mac

I am a computer support professional with 6+ years of experience. This is how I start my resume and this is how I will start this post.
All that experience has been 90% Windows. I know Windows, inside and out. I can keep my Windows computer free from viruses and spyware and crap and keep it running fast without antivirus programs or optimization utilities. I can make Windows do my bidding. I can vanquish crapware in a snap.
The same is not true of the people I help day in, day out. One of my customers had a Vista system from Dell, a year and a half old. Slow as a dog, takes forever to restart. In other words, bogged down with crap.
"Install this toolbar!" "Click here to update Java!" "Click here to protect your computer!" "Download and Run the free Norton Security Scan!" I know better. These people don't, and you probably don't either.
And even if you did, you still might get hit with drive-by downloads that automatically install onto your computer without your consent.
And even if you know how to stop those, you might end up with system-slowing crapware that has piggybacked himself onto a program you actually intend to install. Even Vista's UAC can't help you here, usually.
So buy a Mac. Please. Save yourself and me the trouble. If a program is only available for Windows, avoid it, or use Parallels on your Mac if you have to have it.

EDIT: A lot of the simplicity of Apple is that you don't install software, you copy the software executable to your hard drive. Adobe has released a few of their Mac products that require you to run an installer. This is new and not widespread. Well guess what? IT'S PROBLEMATIC! Their FAQ on resolving issues with installation rivals the complexity of some Windows software installations.

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