Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Standing for Nothing & Going with the Flow

Am I? Are you?

If you know why you believe what you believe, you are standing for something.
If you are ignorant concerning your beliefs, you are standing for nothing.
You can shout from the housetops that you believe X, Y, & Z. However, if you can't answer "Why," or explain why it is important, or answer common objections to your belief, you aren't really standing for anything. You are not "standing firm" you are being arrogant.

Another part of this issue to consider is that many people define "standing for something" as going against the flow. You can go up the down escalator if you want- you'll definitely be making a statement and not going with the flow. But you will also be tremendously wrong and cause a lot of problems as you run into people. You are not "standing firm" you are being stupid.

I can explain all I want that I am going down the down escalator because it is going my direction, and that is the direction that will take me to where I want to get. I can also explain that I am much safer this way than if I went down the up escalator instead. However, it is by definition pointless arguing with someone who is arrogant and stupid.

The solution to this malady? Sometimes your opponents are right. Sometimes the majority is right. It is possible to be holier and stricter than God. You are not perfect, therefore you might be wrong. Your opponents are humans too and probably have good motives even if their judgment is off. In short- HUMILITY.

Lastly, think about it- we all go against the flow in some way or another. Everyone has an opponent or an oppressor.

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