Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Giving Opportunity - Susan Madrak

I have spoken a lot about Americans pulling together to build a better country. Now it's time to do something and take a little step in that direction. Every week or two I want to post an online opportunity to give to someone in need.
Most will be strangers, all will be on hard times of one sort or the other. May we be moved to do unto the "least of these." I will personally endeavor to contribute to these causes in proportion to the Lord's blessing on me. As much as I struggle with prayer, every act of giving is also an opportunity to pray for the one we helped, that God would make Himself known and show His mercy to them.
It is a great opportunity to stop and think about how connected we all are. Don't be afraid to "cast your bread upon the waters." May we be vessels of mercy, and leave judgment to God.

This initial opportunity is for Susan Madrak, a journalist who lost her job last July. When she was laid off, she found out she needed several surgeries, one of which she has had, a few more needing to be done. The rub is her insurance payments- they are extremely expensive and she needs help to have enough money to pay for them. The full story and link to donate are at her blog here.

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