Thursday, April 02, 2009

This Week

It seems my wife and month-old baby boy have the stomach flu with nausea and vomiting. Mom got it Sunday night and had to go in for fluids. She is still struggling and now baby has just showed symptoms today- no wet diapers and spitting up his formula. My wife is in contact with the pediatrician who may want him to come in. If you think about it, please pray. I am trying to be super-dad and take care of everyone since I am the only healthy one but it is stressful and I am wearing down a bit.
I have noticed some great comments and I will respond once I this crisis starts heading towards a resolution.

UPDATE: After giving him some watered-down formula the baby's bodily functions seemed to return to normal. Then on the advice of his pediatrician we switched to a more expensive hypoallergenic formula. He seems to be fairly normal now. My wife is still trying to pull out of her ordeal, afraid to eat because nearly every time she has eaten this week it has resulted in terrible nausea.

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