Wednesday, July 15, 2009

KJVO Gail Anne Riplinger Won't Sell Her Book to James White

From the AOMin blog:

"So, do you think Mrs. Riplinger is overly confident of her new book? I am reminded of the fact that when I was writing the KJVO Controversy book in 1994, I would fax the portions about Riplinger to her for her comment and correction. One night, after the first page was sent, the fax hung up. She did not even want to receive what I was writing so as to check it for accuracy.
"The self-delusional proponents of conspiracy-driven KJV Onlyism, seen with the harshest clarity in Gail Riplinger, are a blight upon the church, to be sure. Many simple believers have been troubled by their wild-eyed fanaticism. But when they will not even allow you to BUY their books, well, that tells you a great deal about what fills their hearts."

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