Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wrong Generation for Me

I sometimes wish I had been born 30-35 years earlier than I was.
- I could've joined in with the cultural revolution,
- Rocked out to the Beatles, and other classic rock, -live-,
- Tried out the whole hippie thing,
- Joined some revolutionary group,
- Been around for the infancy of mass computing (early computer kits, big mainframes)
- Enjoyed America as it was before Nixon and Reagan screwed it up

As it is, my generation is facing a pending international crisis that will resolve into necessary civic conformity (think post-WWII America before the counter-culture). Oh well. I can't wait until this next decade (2010-2020) is over and we can truly get on with whatever the "new normal" will turn out to be.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hard Times

I read the following sober message today about the now-defunct Langa Air. Langa Air was the only Cessna Pilot Center in the St. Louis, MO area. It made me think back to all the times I spoke with them.

"To Students and Customers:

"As you know, we are all in an economic crisis. Having been in the business of aviation for over 20 years, we have seen "hard times" when we had to lay off employees, cut wages, and reduce expenses. We have seen times with increased fuel costs, increasing insurance rates, and even an extended period following 9/11 when we were unable to train for nearly one month due to the closure of airspace. Despite those hard times, we always found a way to survive and pull through. But, we are in unparalleled times.

"The owner of Langa Air, Inc. has gone to great lengths to survive this unprecedented crisis. He has sacrificed his income, financial health and retirement to infuse Langa Air, Inc. with cash to sustain operations. Some employees even agreed to a wage reduction recently to ensure all of those who do business with Langa Air, Inc. would continue to do so. Despite these efforts, the economy, together with the inability to secure operating loans, Langa Air, Inc. has no alternatives remaining.
"It is with profound sadness that we are closing the doors to Langa Air, Inc. and terminating business effective September 1, 2009. Unfortunately, there will be no remaining employees, including flight instructors, mechanics, and flight line personnel, to provide support for use of training aircraft. As a result, you will not be able to presently train with Langa Air.

"Langa will make available the training records to any and all students within 30 days unless the Bankruptcy court directs otherwise. Please check the web site periodically for updates.

"Please keep in your thoughts and prayers the good employees of Langa Air, Inc. and their families."

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Even More Tech Support Help

Don't complain about how much you have had to go through and many times you have tried to get the software to work if this is the first time you have called us.

Another Tech Support Tip

If you are having problems with our program, don't uninstall it before calling tech support. There's nothing to troubleshoot if you don't have the program on your computer.