Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Laying it Out There

So I am over on the Internet Monk blog reading about the church offering. I try to give a little during the benevolent offerings, which are taken maybe 4-5 times a year? I don't tithe. I believe tithing was a command to Israel and not the church. I do not give to my church regularly. There. I said it.
Would I if I could? Sure. Do I feel guilty for not giving more? Should I?
Currently my family has a laundry list of needs:

-Our mattress was purchased used two years ago and has gotten to the point where it is mostly gone and needs to be replaced,
-The car needs a brake job, four new tires, transmission/radiator fluid changes, wiper blades.
-I need more clothes, and so does my wife, although she doesn't want to admit it.
-We are going to need a 2-bedroom apartment next year- our son will be turning 1 year old.

I make a nominal $14.40/hr. (Would be $16 but our company implemented at 10% across-the-board pay cut earlier this year.) Health insurance drops that to $11.41/hr. To support a family of 3 in San Diego. The fact that we make it at all is due primarily to the goodness of God and that we have -zero- debt or tax liability.

With the needs above I have a problem with diverting money away from my family especially since Scripture calls those who do not take care of their families "worse than infidels."

I am not complaining. Just saying. And before you whip out Malachi 3 on me, you should know I have been down that road before.

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